Make a Donation

The Festival of Voices is a not-for-profit organisation with DGR status established to celebrate the joy of singing and the voice. It is supported by the State Government of Tasmania through Events Tasmania, as well as other core partners: UTAS, Hobart City Council, Clarence City Council and Federal Group. But in order for the festival to continue to operate, it is dependent on philanthropy, sponsorship and donations including your financial contribution.

If you believe in the importance of the Festival of Voices, you can take the following action:

  • Encourage a friend to sponsor or support the Festival
  • Buy a ticket (or lots of tickets)
  • Volunteer or offer in-kind support
  • Make a donation

Donations to the Festival of Voices are tax deductible. Some of our priorities which require support are:

  1. Celebrating the local: developing programs for local singers, choristers and choirs
  2. Engaging the global: attracting singers and choirs from interstate and overseas to come to Hobart and Tasmania
  3. Embracing Tasmania: exciting local businesses, organisations and residents to get involved
  4. Transforming Hobart: turning it into a singing city for ten days in July each year
  5. Developing innovative initatives: initiating unique creative partnerships, projects and entrpreneurial activities

To make a donation, simply provide your details below, clicking the appropriate box to clarify the type and amount of donation: